Thursday, November 29, 2012

I don't dislike you but I hate you

You came you stole everything that we had.You just took away everything and now I can't even get it back!!!...Cos' you have just poisoned the mind of the person...I am not a person who dislike or hate a person but you made me feel it this time. I'm so hurt that my heart is so heavy. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New (:

Hello there....It has been months since I visited my blog and even read the entries made by my friends.Work has been really keeping me busy.Now being in KL for good has at least put me in the mood to blog since I have some free time here and it won't be very long before I start my peak season at work again and my Sai activities  and bhajans soon...Not well settled in yet as I have not found a proper place to stay and where I could have my own sweet time to think and reflect upon:) *I'm a dreamer u c*....Thus,once I'm settled in, my life will get even more exciting as I'm looking forward to many things since now I'm in KL which has been my dream for the past 2 years I started working in JB...Not that I don't miss JB that much...the only thing I miss in JB are my Sai Family which I was getting closer too and  this transfer came up...Well thanx to FB as we can still keep in touch:)

Well how has life been so far for the past few months???NEVER BEEN HAPPIER I would say(:

Been really smiling and appreciating people more of cos' thanking Swami for it...If not for Him nothing can move in this far as I am concerned...

Got in touch with my long lost friends...hahahaha...whom I used to be close with last time...Just that some people are so jealous about it...but I can't be bothered....They have been my friends,due to lack of "KEEP IN TOUCH POLICY" we have lost touch but I'm thankful for the reunion(:

Besides that, I am also excited for two very important people in my life...My sister and My cousin...which I will talk to u guys more in my next few entries....hehehehe...secret for now:)))

Last but not least...I got promoted!!!!.....when I least expected it actually due to all the transfer and all...but I am thankful for the promotion and lots of work after this...and of cos' CHALLENGES and DATELINES!!!!....:)

Finally...registered for my final and hopefully my last ACCA session this December...Praying and studying hard to nail it and finish it for once and for all(:

Till then....ADIOS!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Life for the past few months

Hey my dearest bloggie...Sorry been really busy with work that I have abondened you all alone here.I abondoned you for the past 3 months plus...All cos' your blogger here was so busy with work that she hardly had a "me myself and I" time....

Well, not that I have all this right now, but because someone asked me..."You have a blog?"...and I went like..."Oh,do I???"...cos I totally forgot that I had created you...Hehehehe!!!!

Okay let's see what has been happening lately....February and March was just purely work...Coming back late and working late....getting up early and finishing up my work...go to work...come back and the same routine...

It did not change much in April as we auditors are still undergoing our peak period and I don't see it coming to an end...Well,not for me at least...Suppose to be seconded but I was pulled out at the very last minute for no reason but to work for a stucked up manager next week...Which I am really gonna hate...Cos' she is a real stucked up one...Talks to herself and I hardly can see any smile on her face.Imagine every morning you get to the office and the first person you see is her...My God...I just pray I have a good day...:)))Anyway, lets forget about her....that's for next month....

As for April...I had a very interesting month plus a very sad month as well.....

I'll update you with the interesting one first...I met a very interesting character lately...I don't want to reveal much about that person...but the person is a God sent gift for me...I am gonna be treasuring every moment spent with that person...:)

Well, here comes the sad part....Swami left his physical body on the 24th of April 2010 at 7.38am India time.Swami has been really sick for the past 28 days.Prayers were being conducted in every corner of the world for Him to get better.I  did not pray for His recovery because I know HE will get better....But I had Him constantly in my daily tasks...Hoping all will be fine as soon as possible...I even told Him...I am not going to pray for You cos' You know the real reason behind it....Nevertheless, when I got the news...Feeling of sadness prevailed me...I thought all will be fine but I was also ready to hear this news one day cos Swami has said "It can be 96 or anytime"....That scared me a bit...but as per the Hindu astrology, Swami was actually 96 years old and He kept His word...

As far as I know, I never really thought He has left.He is still here beside me, listening to all my stories and answering to all my questions....Just as He used to do it when He was physically present in all our hearts....I never really got that He left us but only His physical body left us...All I promised Him was...To adhere to all His teachings seriously now and I want to lead my life the Sai way...that's by doing what Swami has asked us to do and make Him a real happy person because He has given me so much of good things in life....:)I am just going to be the "STAR IN GOD's HEAVEN".....

I have no questions on how things will be after this because I know nothing has changed...That's more to individual actually...For me nothing has changed and Swami is there all by my side...Till the very last breath....:)

Thanx for giving me a treasure before You left physically...I am gonna treasure the treasure You gave me all my LIFE and I need You to be there to guide me through:)

Well,that's all for now readers....I shall see all of you again soon:)


Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Update

Hello again...Well here's the update on the Group 4 class....Well,ask me personally and I'll let u know...:)

Next,lets move to an interesting least for me it was!!!cos I was smiling the whole day even though I was having a tough day....Well here it is...THERE IS FINALLY A DIRECT FLIGHT FROM IPOH/JB BY BERJAYA AIR!!!!Yes yes...first I thought it can't be true when Uncle Prithvi told me...cos I kept on asking him..."Reli ah Uncle???U sure...."hahaha...but Uncle was more excited than me....well,I should thank him for telling me the good I smsed Nunu my partner in Singapore for update...finally got the website address and tadaaa...I booked my flight ticket!!!:))))I am so least now I can go back for long weekends and my parents can visit me more often!!!! Shobby and Preyah,start packing!!!! way will be on me:))))

Besides that I had a good time working with Faiza...She is my colleague back in EY....We had a marvellous time doing Desaru...We shared and talked a lot....Finally I had the guts to tell her what was going on when the "getting a bf" topic came up!!!!....thanx babe for sharing your view on it and thanx for tolerating all my nuttiness throughout the 3 weeks engagement!!!!:))))I will miss our time as I don't know when we will get to work together again.

Finally,I am back in Nilai for my EVERGREEN job!!! I hate it here....pls pls...let the week pass by very very very fast...!!! I am sick so I want to go back.....Please be nice:)))

That's all for now...Adios!!!!

p/s:nava update your blog!!!!